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Last Minute Purchase


Have you ever made a last minute purchase at the store? You get to the register and realize that you forgot something? So you leave the cart, telling those behind you, you'll be right back?

 That's what happened to Jordan Rivers one day. He was asked by his wife to pick up a few things at the store, but especially some formula for the baby. He had a long day at work and was feeling tired and hungry. He grabbed some bread, milk, eggs, cheese, and a pack of gum. He thought he had everything he needed and headed to the checkout. 

He waited in line for a few minutes, feeling impatient and annoyed. He looked at his phone and saw a text from his wife: "Did you get the formula?" He felt a surge of panic and checked his cart. He realized he forgot the most important item. He cursed under his breath and apologized to the people behind him. He left his cart and ran to the aisle where the formula was.

 He scanned the shelves, looking for the right brand and type. He found it and grabbed a can. He turned around and sprinted back to the checkout. He hoped his cart was still there and no one had taken his items. He reached the register and saw his cart was gone. He felt a wave of anger and frustration. He looked around and saw a store employee pushing his cart away. He ran after him and shouted, "Hey, that's my cart!" 

The employee stopped and looked at him. He said, "Sorry, sir, I thought you abandoned it. You can have it back." He handed him the cart and walked away. Jordan thanked him and pushed the cart back to the register. He apologized to the cashier and the people in line. He paid for his items and left the store. He felt relieved and embarrassed. 

 He got in his car and drove home. He thought about what had just happened. He realized how lucky he was that he got his cart back. He wondered what would have happened if he had lost it. He would have wasted his time and money. He would have disappointed his wife and his baby. He would have felt guilty and ashamed. 

He thought about how this reminded him of Jesus. All along, he's been making purchases of souls. He's been paying the price for our sins with his blood. He's been offering us forgiveness and salvation. He's been preparing a place for us in heaven. But he's waiting for one more thing. He's waiting for us to accept his gift. He's waiting for us to let him into our hearts. He's waiting for us to be his. 

He promised that he would come back for us. He's promised that he would leave the others safely behind to come claim us for his own. He's promised that he would take us to be with him forever. But he's also given us a choice. He's given us free will. He's given us the opportunity to say yes or no. He's given us the chance to be his or not. 

Jordan thought about his own choice. He thought about his own relationship with Jesus. He thought about his own faith and commitment. He thought about his own life and eternity. He asked himself, "Am I ready for his return? Am I his or not?" 

He decided to make his choice. He decided to say yes to Jesus. He decided to let him into his heart. He decided to be his. He prayed and thanked him for his love and grace. He asked him to forgive his sins and renew his spirit. He asked him to help him grow and serve him. He asked him to be his Lord and Savior. 

He felt a peace and joy in his soul. He felt a change and a difference in his life. He felt a hope and a purpose for his future. He felt a love and a bond with his Savior. 

He drove home and hugged his wife and his baby. He told them what had happened at the store. He told them what he had decided to do. He told them he had said yes to Jesus. He told them he was his.

They rejoiced and praised God. They thanked him for his goodness and mercy. They thanked him for his gift and his promise. They thanked him for being their God and their King. They read the Bible together and found this verse: "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved." John 3:17 KJV

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